Diet Myth Debunked
One of the more popular diet fads of the moment is founded on the notion that carbs and proteins or fats should not be eaten together.

Similar to the old ''Fit for Life'' program, self-appointed diet ''experts'' like Suzanne Somers and Marilu Henner have appropriated this idea and turned it into best-selling diet books. One theory suggests that fats and carbs should be eaten separately because carbohydrates promote an increase in the amount of fat stored in cells. Swiss researchers handily debunk this dietary trend in a recent study. They placed one group of obese people on a standard balanced, low-calorie diet and another group on a similar calorie diet that did not allow fats and carbohydrates to be eaten in the same meal.

All participants exercised for two hours each day and, at the end of six weeks, individuals from both groups had lost the same amount of weight.

In addition, both groups experienced identical drops in blood sugar, cholesterol and insulin levels.

Source: International Journal of Obesity, 2000; 24, 492-496
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