Trans Fat-Free Fast Food Coming
When it comes to being health conscious, McDonald's and Frito-Lay aren't
exactly trailblazers, but both companies took a huge leap forward recently by
announcing they were switching cooking oils to reduce and even eliminate trans
fat in many popular foods.

Diets high in trans fat have been linked to elevated levels of cholesterol and an
increased risk of heart disease.

McDonald's will begin cooking its fries and other fried foods in a new oil that
reduces trans fatty acids by 48 percent and saturated fat by 16 percent.

Frito-Lay will eliminate all trans fat from three of its most popular brands of
chips: Doritos, Cheetos and Tostitos. Calorie and overall fat totals, however, will
largely remain the same.

Many believe McDonald's and Frito-Lay will be just the first of many companies
to make the switch following the Food and Drug Administration's proposal to
require warning labels on food containing trans fats.
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