Improve Work Performance With Simple Exercises
Exercise not only burns calories and strengthens muscles, but it will improve the
quality of your life and most importantly make you feel so much better. People
that exercise on a regular basis tend to have more energy, a more positive
attitude, and greater confidence.

Most of us can attest to a life of bountiful exercise during our formative years or
throughout college. The question remains as to what happens when we stop
exercising? Apart from the obvious gain in body weight that coincides with the
period of most rapid fat gain (between ages 25-44) there any other changes that
occur with detraining or the cessation of regular exercise.

In general, detraining results in a deterioration of all the health-related
parameters of health and fitness; namely cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, body
composition, muscular strength and muscular endurance. A simple
maintenance-type program 2-3 times per week can reverse the negative
cumulative effects of being sedentary

Staying on top of our game with exercise improves many areas of our life.
Research shows a significant added benefit of exercise is improved mental and
work performance therefore enhancing the quality of your work life.

Here's what the studies show:

An improved work experience, overall attitude towards work and reduced

Interactive team activities and exercise not only are considered cathartic, but
build team and individual morale, improving individual mindset towards work.

A study at Purdue University demonstrated 70% improvement in
decision-making ability with a 22% improvement in fitness level.

A NASA study found exercise improved work efficiency at end of a full day by

Exercise reduced mental errors by 27% (tasks requiring concentration and
short-term memory).

Regular exercise reduces absenteeism, sick leave, disability and workers

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